Frequently Asked Questions

What is involved in a Physiotherapy session?

When you first arrive to get Physiotherapy, you will be required to fill out paperwork. This will include your personal details and questions about your condition. The Physiotherapist will then do a complete assessment of your condition/injury. This will be followed by a detailed examination. The Physio will perform certain tests to determine exactly where the pain is originating from. Physios are skilled at diagnosing a problem. They will then give you a plan of action followed by treatment. The treatment involves mobilising your joints, massage and exercises.

I have never had Physiotherapy before! What do I need to bring along to the session?

X rays , CT or MRI scan reports, if done, will be helpful. If you do have a referral from the doctor, please bring it along. If you are under Workcover or any insurance company, you will definitely need a GP referral.

I am under Work cover. Do I have to pay anything out of pocket for Physiotherapy?

If you have an APPROVED  workcover claim number, you have no out of pocket expenses. However, you will be required to pay the consultation in full if your claim has not been approved yet.

What do I wear in a Physiotherapy session?

We recommend wearing layered clothing so the Physiotherapist can easily examine the area. For example, if you suffer from a knee problem, loose shorts are ideal. If you have a neck problem, a singlet is ideal.

How much does a Physiotherapy session cost?

We have a different services and prices. It is best to call us so we can guide you towards the best service for your particular injury/condition.


I have private health insurance,can I claim on the spot for Physiotherapy?

Yes! you definitely can!

How much gap will I need to pay for Physiotherapy session?

The amount of gap depends on your level of health cover. Please contact your health fund for the amount of rebate available to you.