So I, Garima Bharti, established Get Better Physiotherapy in 2012. Here’s a question for you…have you had physio before? If yes, were you lying in a cubicle where you didn’t know who was listening to your life story next door? Here’s another one, were you strapped onto a machine and left for at least 15 minutes while the physio ducked into the other cubicle to see another patient? Oh wait, there’s one more, did you only receive exercises in your session? As a young physio, this really pushed my buttons. I wanted to focus more on hands on therapy. After all I studied for a good 4.5 years! I also wanted to provide a great experience for anyone who trusted me enough to see me. So I wanted to provide utmost privacy. This is really why I started Get Better Physiotherapy.

History of Get Better Physiotherapy

I came to Australia in 2006 and after completing an ardous process of acquiring my licence to practice, I was able to work as a Physio! It was a challening time to say the least. After three years of working for someone else, I realised that I had more to offer to my patients. Maintaining their privacy and focusing on customer service is important to me. So I wanted that to be the focus in my clinic.

Oh by the way, I came here all by myself too. Had no other family member in Australia back then. So I wanted to make my life worthwhile here in Australia. Being busy at work and helping others through their problems made me feel less isolated. Also, growing up in India was so competetive that we lost the real reason why we become health professionals. I wanted to break away from that cut throat competition.

Fast forward to 2012, I opened the doors to Get Better Physiotherapy Centre.

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