About Us

Get Better Physiotherapy was first established at Browns Plains, in 2012. This was to provide 'hands on' services to the local community. As we started treating people we found that there was a lack of knowledge about Physios. People were not aware of how Physiotherapy can help anyone suffering from pain. We also found that other Physios were using more machines instead of providing hands on treatment. There was no privacy during treatment. Patients were being treated in cubicles.

We have a strong emphasis on providing high quality hands on treatment. Our belief is in making people aware of their conditions. It is our aim to make our patients as comfortable as possible. Hence, our treatments happen in private rooms rather than cubicles! We believe in providing long term solutions. To show effective exercises to avoid future re occurrences. Our goal is to get rid of your pain fast! and also teach you strategies to prevent pain in future. 



History of Get Better Physiotherapy Centres

The clinic began with providing personalized Physiotherapy services focusing on hands on treatment. This included joint mobilizations, massage and exercises. Although a referral from a doctor is not required, the local doctors provided excellent referrals. This helped us in building our practice. Our patient’s feedback regarding the quality of our treatment helped us to develop a strong relationship with the local doctors. We expanded to providing other allied health services in 2013 such as Exercise Physiology and Remedial massage. By 2014 we added Podiatry into our multidisciplinary team. However, we decided to focus on the services that we were best at. We now provide Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology and Remedial Massage as our core services. 


Our mission is to have a team of therapists to look after our patients. We believe in holistic treatment. To make people aware of how Physiotherapy can help in relieving pain and enhancing their quality of life. We believe in providing hands on care and educating people to so they may prevent it in future.