Mobile Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology services

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Great news! We now offer mobile Physiotherapy services for the convenience of our patients! This is due to the number of queries we were receiving from patients who could not come to the clinic for treatment. This was perhaps due to recent surgery or illness. Even our neighboring doctors were asking us about providing mobile physio services for older patients. Eligible patients suffering from chronic illnesses are able to get 5 sessions under Medicare on a GP management plan. Although there may be minimal out of pocket expenses depending on your location, you can get treated in the comfort of your home! This is especially so if you are unable to get to the clinic. Why miss out on getting fast pain relief and get on with your life!

We also offer mobile Exercise Physiology services! We come to you! If you have access to a gym or a pool , we can meet you there. However, if you are not a gym person , we can design a home exercise program. Our Exercise physiologists design programs that you will enjoy. Weight loss can be a daunting process especially if you suffer from Diabetes. Did you know that if you suffer from Type 2 Diabetes , you are able to receive 8 sessions on a GP management plan do attend group exercises? These sessions are in addition to an initial assessment session with a dietitian or an Exercise Physiologist . These are also in addition to the 5 sessions received under medicare for chronic conditions! 


Some of the conditions that we can help treat are as follows:

  • Stroke
  • Falls prevention
  • Balance training
  • Parkinsons disease
  • Total hip replacement
  • Total Knee replacement
  • Aged patients



What are the costs?

There are no costs involved if you have a GP management plan to attend group exercises. However, if you have an individual plan , you may  or may not incur minimal out of pocket expenses to cover the travel costs for us to reach you. This however, does depend on how much we may need to travel to serve you. As every case if different , we encourage you to call us so we may workout the best possible way to help you.