For the treatment of conditions and injuries that produce pain in the muscles, ligaments and tendons, physiotherapy can vastly improve one’s quality of life. Unfortunately, it’s not an uncommon assumption that physiotherapy is only for athletes. On top of this, some clinics can be daunting for newcomers, as the atmosphere is often rushed and impersonal, with patients tended to in busy cubicles. These may be some of the reasons why people don’t pursue the service, and continue to live with treatable pain.

Pain can be Treated in Physiotherapy

What Types of Pain Can be Treated with Physiotherapy?

Contrary to popular assumption, physiotherapy is not just for sports injuries. Plenty of the issues successfully treated are common ailments which are thought to be incurable. Either that, or they’re simply accepted as a consequence of age and lifestyle. These include neck pain, lower back pain, and even headaches.

It’s not unusual in this day and age to be stuck in front of a computer all day, whether you’re an adult with an office job, or a teen who loves gaming. This can lead to bad posture, which in turn results in tension and pain. Anyone from physical workers who engage in heavy lifting, to cubicle workers who crane their necks all day, are perfect candidates for physiotherapy.

Find Relief Through Get Better Physiotherapy Centre

At Get Better Physiotherapy in Browns Plains, there is no daunting bustle. With experienced and caring therapists, this multidisciplinary clinic believes in long-term recovery, and will work closely with you to achieve your personal goals. Your consultation and treatments will all take place in a private room, with comfort and communication ensured. Depending on your individual condition, you could receive various techniques including massage, and will be thoroughly informed on how to manage and alleviate your pain in the long-term.

So, regardless of how your pain originated, don’t just live with it. Call Get Better Physiotherapy today on 07 3800 3417 for a free pain assessment, and learn how physiotherapy can help.