If you live in or around Brisbane and are experiencing persistent pain, it might be time to get in touch with a physiotherapist who can help. Whether you’re dealing with neck pain, back pain, a sports or work related injury, sciatica, jaw pain, or even headaches, pain is not something you should just have to grin and bear. In fact, most, if not all, chronic pain can be alleviated with the right techniques and regimens.

Everyone deserves to live painlessly as possible. So, no matter how you incurred your pain, you should never hesitate to consult with a physiotherapist and find out how best to treat it.

Experiencing Pain in Office

Get Better Physiotherapy Centre

At Get Better Physiotherapy Centre in Browns Plains, every customer gets a free pain assessment. This means you can begin your journey towards a more comfortable lifestyle with zero obligation, and if you’re on the fence about physiotherapy, this is the place to start. The centre’s highly specialised team of physiotherapists will ask questions and perform a few tests in order to determine the cause of your discomfort, then discuss with you a personalised plan of action.

As a multidisciplinary clinic with the goal of lessening all types of pain, Get Better Physiotherapy can help with any ailment affecting bones, muscles, nerves, or joints.

What Will Physiotherapy Entail?

When you book treatments with Get Better Physiotherapy, you can expect attentive, hands-on care without the use of impersonal machinery. Patients are treated in private rooms rather than cubicles, so you can relax and focus on healing without any interruptions.

After a diagnosis is made, treatment is likely to include steps like joint mobilisation, where pressure is applied to the joints to improve blood flow, or soft tissue massage to reduce tension and improve circulation. After some improvement, you may be prescribed home exercises to promote long-term recovery.

So, for ongoing issues or fast pain relief of any nature, contact Get Better Physiotherapy on 07 3800 3417 to learn more.