Simply doing exercises in the water is called hydrotherapy. It is done in a pool using water as a support or resistance to help in muscle strengthening. However, other equipment like resistance bands, pool noodles, floats or balls can be used to help with the exercises.


How does it Work?

Water works either to help a movement or provide resistance to muscles while doing exercises. Thus helping greatly in improving muscle strength. It also helps in improving balance as there is no fear of falling in the water. Following are some great effects of doing exercises in a warm pool:

  • Warm water relaxes muscles and relieves pain
  • The experience of weightlessness relieves the stress of gravity. Hence there is no impact whatsoever on the joints!
  • The pressure of water in a pool increases blood circulation.
  • The movement of the water has a massaging effect.
  • The buoyancy effect of the water assists movement or can provide resistance to movement (depending on what is required).
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Who can benefit from Hydrotherapy?

The hydrotherapy pool is the perfect environment for treating:

  • Acute & chronic Pain:

    1. arthritis such as rheumatoid or osteoarthritis
    2. sports injuries
    3. back and neck injuries
    4. shoulder injuries
    5. hip and knee injuries
    6. balance in the elderly
    7. Stroke
  • Back & Neck Injuries:
    It is excellent for core muscle strengthening after injuries to the back or neck. Water supports the body weight allowing pain free movement.

  • Recovery after Surgery:
    This is especially useful in the cases of Total Hip and Knee Replacements. Also useful in recovery after fractures involving the ankle. Strengthening exercises can be performed in a low gravity environment. Exercises that would be too painful to perform on land are easily achieved in the water. Furthermore, the exercises strengthen muscles and result in improved mobility.

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