Hi! I’m Garima Bharti, Director-Get Better Physiotherapy Centre

AHPRA Registered Physiotherapist, Certified Reformer Pilates Instructor and Associate Lecturer at University of Queensland

Garima Bharti has always been passionate about helping people suffering from chronic neck pain and back pain. She has over 15 years of experience working as a Physiotherapist and has recently been granted the title of Associate Lecturer at University of Queensland.

Garima is particularly passionate about helping women suffering from chronic neck pain and back pain after pregnancy after her own struggles with back pain during and after pregnancy .

She has been a Physiotherapist in Browns Plains for over 10 years now serving the local community and maintains a good relationship with the neighbouring doctors.

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Pain relief with specialised manual therapy so you can get back to work

Get you back to exercising without pain

Give you strategies for long term pain relief

Get you back to your daily activities without pain

Strengthen your muscles and joints

No GP referral is required unless your injury happened at work or in a car accident

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What our patients say…..

Ian is amazing! I was in extreme pain and could not move my neck. Had been to 2 other places and was at my wits end by the time I booked in here. I’m only a smaller person and go sick of people going soft on me and basically just poking my muscles and adding no pressure to me. I went into the appointment thinking nothing was gonna work . It was the best experience I have EVER had. Ian is professional and knows exactly what to do. Even finds pain where you didn’t even know it was. I walked out a new woman. Book yourself in, breathe through the pain lol because he knows exactly what he is doing. Thank you Ian.
Georgia Pye

I have been a client and Garima and the team for many years. I have been treated for back and neck pain (successfully) and now have a program for reformer pilates. These exercise target the muscles I have trouble activiating in the gym and I am really looking forward to these sessions. My son has also been experiencing some back and neck pain due to growing pains and screen time. Kevin has made the sessions fun for him with exercises that are easy to do at home. Highly recommend!

Erin Conley
I have lived with neck issues for the past 15 years and have never gotten to the bottom of it. I recently strained my back in the garden and couldn’t ignore the pain. At my first consultation with Garima she did a thorough assessment and began a treatment plan. It’s taken a few weeks, but it was well worth the time because the pain in my back is gone and my neck feels the best it has in living memory. Thank you Garima & the team. I cannot recommend you highly enough.
Leo Pollard
Absolutely brilliant staff, extremely professional, polite and helpful.
I walked in with a random back injury and asked if they could see me. They immediately had an appointment open and started work to help me.
I can’t praise them enough, from the receptionist to the physiotherapist they were 100% professional and great people. I have returned for follow ups and I intend to return again. 10/10 I would highly recommend them.
Jarrad Simpson
Friendly staff and great service. Get better Physio gave me the opportunity to do my placement with them. It was a great learning experience for me. Really enjoyed doing my placement with them. The physio’s are hard working and dedicated to their work. After finishing my placement I was offered a job which I happily accepted as the team at Get Better are wonderful to work with and it’s a great start for my career. Thank you Luis, Garima and the Team at Get Better Physio Centre.
Farzeena Nishrat
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Your initial appointment at Get Better Physiotherapy and Pilates Centre

This is what happens in an initial consultation at Get Better Physiotherapy

  • We ask specific questions to find out how your pain affects your daily activities.

  • We then do special tests to confirm what we found through questioning.

  • The, it’s treatment time! We use manual therapy techniques like joint mobilizations and deep tissue massage to get rid of your pain

  • Your therapist will then give you a plan of action to follow over the next 4 to 6 weeks.

  • For best results , it is advised to complete your treatment plan

Click here to book online, or simply call us on 07 3800 3417 for our Browns Plains office, to speak with our friendly team and ask any questions you may have.

We’re excited to begin this journey with you.

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