Welcome to Get Better Physiotherapy! Our physiotherapy clinic near Drewvale is ready to provide you with professional care and quick pain relief. We are dedicated to helping people from various age groups and different economic backgrounds to alleviate pain and improve their overall health.

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We provide physiotherapy services near Drewvale that help improve your mobility and overall quality of life. Our skilled physiotherapists offer personalized therapy tailored to your specific needs. We have advanced facilities and are happy to assist you.

Our team of expert physiotherapists is committed to providing comprehensive treatments for various bone, muscle, ligament, and nerve conditions while prioritizing your needs, which means that you can expect a personalized service.

Our treatment programs are tailored to your needs and consist of multiple sessions spread over a 3-4 week period to ensure that you receive the appropriate care. This approach helps you achieve a long-lasting and consistent path towards a life free of distress.

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How We Help You Achieve Pain Relief at our Clinic

Complete Assessment

Our physiotherapists will assess your pain patterns and their impact on your daily activities, including exercise, to determine the source of your discomfort. This information will help us personalize your treatment plan and better understand your body’s condition.


Advanced Tests

Our physiotherapists conduct expert tests to confirm the initial assessment’s findings and identify the specific areas that require advanced therapy. Once we receive the test results, we suggest adjusting your daily routine to reduce stress and help manage pain in the long term.

Techniques for Pain Relief

Our clinic offers three main strategies to reduce pain and promote healing.

  1. Joint Mobilizations: To improve joint range of motion and promote blood flow, we use joint mobilizations, which are precise and small movements. Through this technique, pain, stiffness, and scar tissue are reduced, which results in better joint function.
  2. Deep Tissue Massage: Our physiotherapists are skilled at using various methods for addressing muscle tightness and tension, including deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy. These techniques can help improve circulation, increase flexibility, and provide pain relief. We also provide dry needling as a way of releasing tense muscles.
  3. Strengthening of Muscles: As part of your treatment plan, you will receive a personalized home exercise routine to help strengthen your muscles. In addition, our clinic provides additional options such as workout programs and hydrotherapy in nearby swimming pools, which can be beneficial for your long-term rehabilitation.


Physiotherapy is a type of medical care that assesses, diagnoses, and treats bone and muscle issues by trying out different methods and activities to help individuals feel better, reduce discomfort, and improve their mobility.

Physiotherapy is not limited to treating sports injuries. It can also benefit individuals with various bone, muscle, ligament, and nerve conditions, regardless of whether or not they are sports-related. Our clinic near Drewvale offers comprehensive services to individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

Our physiotherapists near Drewvale can improve your health in various ways such as increasing your strength and flexibility, enhancing your mobility, aiding in your recovery after an injury, and preventing further complications.

The number of sessions needed for treatment varies based on an individual’s health and situation. Typically, we offer a treatment plan consisting of multiple sessions over a 3-4 week period at our facility. Our goal is to gradually alleviate pain over an extended period while achieving lasting results.

Physiotherapy has several benefits such as reducing pain, enhancing mobility, increasing strength and flexibility, speeding up injury recovery, and preventing future issues.
At our clinic, we use various techniques such as joint mobilization, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, and muscle-strengthening exercises for pain management. These methods help to increase joint flexibility, reduce muscle tension, boost circulation, and accelerate the healing process.
Our physiotherapists are highly trained to evaluate and manage chronic pain through different methods. They will design a personalized treatment program that aims to reduce your pain, increase your ability to perform daily activities, and improve your overall wellbeing.
Our physiotherapists are knowledgeable in developing customized therapy plans for chronic pain conditions. They are trained to assess and manage these issues from various perspectives to alleviate discomfort, enhance performance, and enhance your overall lifestyle.
Different insurance providers offer funding for physiotherapy treatments, but the extent of coverage may differ depending on your insurance policy. We recommend that you contact your insurance company or visit our location to obtain information about your coverage.
Scheduling an appointment at our physiotherapy clinic near Drewvale is simple. You can reach our clinic by either calling us or sending an email.

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