At Get Better Physiotherapy, we’re located near Logan Central and specialize in providing effective pain relief and rehabilitation solutions. Our approach is centered around natural healing techniques that don’t involve medication. By improving blood circulation, joint and muscle health, and boosting the body’s natural healing abilities, we aim to help you achieve a pain-free lifestyle. We suggest scheduling 5-6 sessions over 3-4 weeks to achieve optimal results.

How We Help You with Pain Relief

It is important to determine the source of your discomfort in order to develop an effective treatment plan. We assess your pain patterns and how they affect your daily physical activities, which provides us with valuable information about the condition of your body.

After the initial assessment, we conduct specialized tests to validate our findings. These tests help us identify the specific areas that need treatment and allow us to deliver personalized care.

We can also suggest modifications to your everyday routine based on the test results, which can alleviate stress on your body and provide lasting pain relief. We utilize a range of techniques for pain management, including:

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Joint Mobilizations

Our physiotherapists utilize gentle movements to mobilize your joints, applying different levels of pressure to improve your range of motion, increase blood flow, reduce pain and stiffness, and break down scar tissue (if present). With our expertise and experience, we perform accurate joint movements that produce significant results. Joint mobilization is a crucial component of our effective manual therapy treatment, providing pain relief, and enhancing joint function.


Deep Tissue Massage

Our physiotherapists use techniques like deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy to reduce muscle tightness. These methods can help relax muscles, increase flexibility, reduce tension, improve circulation, and relieve pain. We may also use dry needling to help release muscle tension if needed, which means inserting tiny needles into the skin at specific points to relax tight muscles and provide immediate relief.

Muscle Strengthening

As a part of your treatment, we will provide you with a personalized exercise plan to strengthen your muscles. Consistent exercise is important for achieving long-term results. Additionally, at Logan Central Get Better Physiotherapy, we offer gym programs and hydrotherapy sessions at nearby pools to support your muscle-strengthening goals.



Physiotherapy is a healthcare approach that uses specific techniques and exercises to improve physical function, targeting conditions affecting bones, muscles, ligaments, and nerves. If you reside in the Logan Central area, physiotherapy can help reduce pain, improve mobility, assist injury recovery, and enhance overall physical health.

For the best results, we suggest receiving 5-6 sessions over 3-4 weeks. Keep in mind that the seriousness of your injury or condition may impact this. Our skilled physiotherapists near Logan Central will evaluate your condition and create a personalized treatment plan for you.

Physiotherapy is a type of treatment that uses joint mobilization, deep-tissue massage, and muscle-strengthening exercises. Its goal is to promote natural healing and alleviate pain without the use of medication. These techniques can help increase joint flexibility, improve circulation, and aid in tissue repair.

During your initial physiotherapy session, the experts will review your medical background, perform an examination, and conduct tests to determine the underlying cause of your pain or disability. They will then create a personalized plan aimed at addressing these issues.

As part of your treatment plan, you will receive a customized home exercise program to help strengthen specific muscles and promote lasting recovery. Your physiotherapist will guide you on how to perform the exercises correctly and make any necessary modifications or progressions as your treatment advances.

We don’t just offer in-clinic physiotherapy sessions; you can also take advantage of our gym programs and hydrotherapy options at local pools. These services can help you further strengthen your muscles and achieve your rehabilitation goals in a supportive environment.

Booking an appointment with Get Better Physiotherapy is easy. You can contact us by phone, email, or through our website.

At Get Better Physiotherapy, you can usually go for an appointment without a doctor’s referral because physiotherapists are primary healthcare providers and offer direct access. However, if you plan to use your private insurance, you may need a referral to avail coverage.


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