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How will Remedial Massage help?

Do you want someone to just get in there and get rid of your knots? Then, you’re in the right place. This is exactly what Remedial Massage does for your muscles! Our therapists apply different degrees of pressure to release the muscle tension. Because of increased blood flow and release of hormones, this in turn relaxes your muscles. In fact, we’ve had great results combining physio and rememdial massage to help our patients recover quicker!

What happens in a Remedial Massage session?

So first of all we need to understand why you’ve come to see us. That’s why we ask you certain questions to figure out how your muscle tension is affecting your daily activities. Another important thing is that we need to confirm that you’re not on any blood thinners or have any serious medical conditions. As in some conditions, you may not be allowed to get a remedial massage. For example, if you have just had bypass. Now you know what I mean?

Anyway, once this is out of the way we can get straight into getting rid of your knots. Now your therapist will check in the sessions if the pressure she’s using is allright with you. So just make sure you let her know that it’s A-Ok! Great, finally your therapist will write down a plan of action for you with advice on what to do after your session. Please, take this seriously as everyone’s body responds to remedial massage differently. As with all the good things in life, results come slowly and steadily so it’s important to follow your therapist’s plan for to feel a 100%.

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