Hi! I’m Garima Bharti, founder of Get Better Physiotherapy and Pilates Centre

I actually love creating videos and filming but I have major stage fright!

I love being a mother

I love being in a position to help other women suffering from chronic pain

Nature is very calming to me I’m an avid reader

I came to Australia in 2006 to practice physiotherapy. But because the process to acquire a license is so hard, it took me 1.5 years and a whole lot of money and stress to finally acquire my license. I started working again in 2008. Now Australian physios have a very high reputation in India for delivering high quality hands on therapy to treat people suffering from pain. However, after working for about 3 years for someone else I was quite disappointed in the quality of service being provided. Customer service is very important to me.

Then something amazing happened…

I realised that the people who came to see us were not getting results from their treatment. They were being hooked onto machines and heat packs. They might walk out with few basic exercises to then manage their pain at home. This really frustrated me as a young physio. Because Australian physios are supposed to be world leaders in manual therapy!

For me it’s all about doing whatever I can to get you pain relief immediately in the session. My frustrations led me to believe that I could serve people better. I could listen to them more, I could pay attention to how exactly their lives were being changed because of the pain adn then work out a plan to help them. I valued the privacy of my patients. I didn’t just want to show them exercises to do at home but actually help them step by step in their journey of recovery.

I’m passionate about helping women suffering from chronic pain

As a woman and a mother I just want to be healthy and have energy to look after my family. I’m a small business owner and that requires a lot of my attention too. I’m sure you will relate that your baby is your priority, more so when you’re a young mother. I had post nantal anxiety issues and being away from my parents and in laws meant, I had to learn to juggle a lot of things. So of course my health took a backseat until I had a meltdown. I kid you not, a real breakdown. It just jolted me out of my hampster wheel and forced me to look at what’s at stake. If I’m not in the best shape physically and mentally, my family falls apart. So that’s it. I decided to hire myself as my personal physiotherapist(ofcourse with the help of my team) and went to work on my body. I’ll call myself a work in progress.

So how can I help you ?

Enough about me, I’d love to tell you how I can help you! I will not look at you incredulously if you tell me that there are things going on in your body that you don’t understand because I know chronic pain has different aspects to it especially for women with hormonal issues. Our female hormones can make us very emotional and affect our pain levels in ways that can be difficult to understand. These can in turn affect our enerygy levels.

Lower back pain is one of the commonest things we expeirnce due to the stresses put on our body during pregnancy. If somehow you’ve managed to escape it during pregnancy you may develop headaches or back and neck pain because of looking after your baby after. The pain can increase over time and stress doesn’t help it.

I help women suffering from chronic pain with controlled movement therapy, changes in the way they eat and changes in their behaviours including mindset.

If you’ve finally made the decision to look after yourself(so you can take care of your family), give me a call!

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