For those of pumping iron in the gym and looking for a great glut med exercise , read on! Who doesn’t love a leg day hey? But beware! with all those squats and deadlifts, your gluts may be going into an overdrive. Result? a tight butt cheek. and not in the nicest way. Tight gluts can cause issues with not only your form but also lower back! It can actually interfere with your workout. So make sure you follow this simple but effective glut med exercise to iron it out.

Why exactly should we include stretching as part of glut med exercises?

man squatting with a barbell

Glut med is one of the stabilizing muscles of your buttock. You see the gluts are the biggest muscle group in the body. However there are three of them. The largest one we see , the one’s that give us a beautiful booty, is the gluteus maximus. There are two more deeper muscles called gluteus medius and minimus. Both of these act as stabilizers. It’s like a core muscle if you like. If these smaller muscles are not strong, it can cause pain on the joint. On the other hand if the muscles are too tight, they can restrict joint movement. This will again result in joint pain. So the best glut med exercises may be the squats and deadlifts. However, if you are not stretching them properly, it will inavriably cause joint stiffness.

Simple and effective glut med exercise for stretching with a foam roller

man squatting with a barbell

Here’s a great simple glut med exercise to include as part of your glut workout. All you need is a foam roller!