Are you seeking lower back pain treatment for chronic pain? Have you been suffering from lower back pain for a number of years but it doesn’t seem to be getting any better? You are feeling pain with bending, sitting for long and you are unable to exercise? You have had treatment in the past but it didn’t help? Well there can be a lot of reasons affecting your lower back pain. It is important to note that whatever treatment you may have had, if the pain did not go away a 100%, there’s always a chance of it reoccurring. The reason for this is that muscles loose strength with repetitive injury and are not able to support the joints. Hence with sustained or repetitive activities, there is greater strain on the joints. This is exactly the reason why your pain needs to be treated a 100%. Followed by a core strengthening program to strengthen muscles of the core and back. This prevents re injury.

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Common causes that need lower back pain treatment:

Poor posture :

One of the main reasons causing lower back pain is poor sitting posture! Have you been sitting with a curved back, rounded shoulders and a poked chin? If that is a yes, take steps to improve your posture now! Sitting in a stooped posture can put tremendous pressure on the discs that act like shock absorbents.  It also weakens back muscles causing lower back pain.

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To help correct posture sit up straight and place your feet firmly on the ground. Then bring your shoulder blades slightly backwards. After that, try to give yourself a slight double chin, just don’t exaggerate the movement (Otherwise, you are tensing the muscles). Feeling weird? Yes, you will feel weird after correcting your sitting posture for the first few times. Sitting up like this for 30s every hour does make a huge difference! Starting with short, frequent attempts will go a long way in reducing your back pain symptoms. Physiotherapists will be able to provide hands-on treatments for your back providing symptomatic relief and finding an underlying cause. If you have back pain, call one of our centers to book with our friendly physiotherapists today!

Not recovering 100%

Only getting 1 or 2 treatment sessions and “seeing how you go” will not help your recovery. You must follow the plan recommended to you by your Physio and stick to it! This will help you heal a 100%. Remember if you are still in ache /pain, it means that your injury has not healed a 100%. Dropping the treatment at this stage will only lead to a re occurrence.

Not doing core exercises

Did you discontinue exercises as soon as you felt pain free rather than progressing with them? It order to get 100% relief from lower back pain, core strengthening exercises are a must! Your Physio will be able to show you basic exercises. However to progress them you must see an Exercise Physiologist.

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Not following the correct lifting techniques

Whether you are lifting at work or in the gym, proper form is absolutely essential. Exercises like deadlifts and squats are notorious for causing lower back pain. If the form is compromised, injury is inevitable. At work, it is so important to lift correctly as you are doing this day in and day out. Repeated incorrect lifting technique will definitely lead to injury. These techniques are not only meant to be followed when you are injured, but also lifelong.

Not getting Physio at the right time

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No offence to males but this is such a “man problem”. Sounds familiar? Guys don’t really want to seek treatment until it starts affecting your daily routine! It is important to understand that the sooner you see a Physio, the quicker you will recover. Australian Physiotherapy association says “Physiotherapists are trained to assess your condition, diagnose the problem, and help you understand what’s wrong”.This will make not only your back pocket happy but also give you a chance to recover 100%.

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