Do you have an NDIS plan that provides you the budget to get Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology services? Not sure where or how to begin? Well please read on to know how we can help!

I Support NDIS 2020

1. The first step is to make an initial appointment

At the initial appointment your Physio or Exercise Physiologist will assess your condition. They will ask you specific questions about your lifestyle and your goals. This gives them a good idea of how to structure your treatment plan. The therapists will do certain tests to know exactly which areas to treat.  You can also discuss where the services will be carried out. For example, will it be at the clinic or in a gym if you are looking for a strengthening program. It is important to have a good initial assessment to have a structured long term plan.

2. Discuss the NDIS Service agreement


As per the NDIS Quality and Safeguard commission, your therapist will then discuss the service agreement with you. This includes the following:

  • Contact details of your provider
  • Protocols for booking and cancelling appointments
  • What to do if there’s a conflict?
  • Whom to contact if there’s a conflict?
  • Number of sessions and frequency of sessions required
  • Any additional supports recommended
  • Total budget of the services recommended

The service agreement must be agreed to and signed by both parties before commencing the treatment program. The duration of an agreement is usually one year. However shorter terms can be discussed and agreed.

3. Accept the NDIS service agreement

picture of two women shaking hands

Once the aservice agreement is presented, you can accept it through the NDIS portal. If you are self managing, you can simply pay the costs of the treatment and get reimbursed. If NDIS is looking after your plan, all you will do is approve the invoices on the NDIS protal to be paid to the therapist. However, some patients do have individual fund managers. In this case, we send invoices to the fund managers. More information on this is available on the NDIS website.