Do you ever get that feeling that your head is going to fall off if you don’t get neck pain relief pronto! If you have one of those sitting jobs where you’re typing away for hours wihtout realising where the time has gone, you know exactly what I mean. Well, sitting itself is not a great activity for your spine anyway. Add to that , two computer screens that are fighting for your attention and a heavy workload. There’s your recipe for a disastrous neck pain! But…only if you would do the following things you can prevent a disaster from happening. Read on then.

Experiencing Pain in Office

Sit right back in your chair to get neck pain relief

As simple as that. Really! Now of course it has a follow on effect. By sitting right back in your chair you make sure that you bring the chair close to your table and are not leaning over. This also helps you to support your lower back when you’re sitting so your muscles don’t tire. Because it’s hard for anyone to sit straight for eight hours. The muscles do get tired. So help your spine in order to get neck pain relief. It will also help you to maintain a good posture.

Know your limits

If you tend to get lost in your work and forget to get up regularly, get an alarm. You need to work out how long it takes for your neck to start feeling stiff or sore and really get up BEFORE it gets sore. If you wait for neck soreness to start before you get up, that’s a battle lost already. Meaning you’ve already caused the pain and it’ll tale longer to settle. So workout your limit and stay within those limits to avoid pain to get the best long term neck pain relief.

Don’t wait for weeks to see a physio for neck pain relief

No sorry the work is too busy excuse doesn’t work here. If you’re a parent, don’t you think you need to look after yourself first so you can look after your family? But what do we all do? We show up tired and cranky from pain for the only people who matter the most. So if you can look after yourself, it’ll actually translate into presenting the best version of yourself to your loved ones. And trust me , physio can help you achieve that. You just have to find a good one.

Do simple stretches through out the day for effective neck pain relief

This is where most of the people go wrong. They think just doing the stretches once a day will help them with neck pain relief. The opposite is true here. Your muscles are elastic in nature. So that means that even if you stretch them , they’ll come back to their original position pretty quickly. Only when the stretch is sustained, that is, either done more often or held long enough, then will you get the result you’re after. So repetiiton is the key here. You don’t have to do 20 reps but as long as you do them at least 3 to 4 times a day will be more effective than once a day.

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