Physio vs chiro is one of the most common questions asked by our patients. So here is my question to you..why not both? Do you ever buy ingredients from just one brand to make a recipe? Or do you always just read books written by one particualr author? No right? Then why this question of what’s better? Isn’t the goal to get you back into whatever activity you wanted to get back into, pain free? Wouldn’t you do everything possible to get to your goal? So that ‘s where I am coming from. All health professionals have their limitations so I am really urging you take a look at your goals and then chose your practitioners. So let’s explore how one is different from the other shall we?

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Physio vs chiro

So this debate of physio vs chiro can go on forever but it is important to note where each health professional can help you. Physiotherapists are trained in diagnosing problems that happen in your body. In fact their final year is completely based on training themselves in different settings to hone that skill. In addition to this, they usually do not require any further investigations to diagnose the problems of your joints, muscles, tendons or ligaments. They have special tests to find out exactly which bodily structure is affected. This is then followed by hands on therapy like joint mobilizations and deep tissue massage to release muscle tension. Once your pain is under control, the focus shifts on muscle strengthening. This is so your injury does not come back. It is of absolute importance that you recover a 100% to prevent ongoing issues

Chiro vs physio

Now I am not a chiropractor but have certainly interacted with a few. So from what I gather, they mainly work with spinal joints in all age groups. I am sure they treat a lot of the common conditions we see like low back pains and neck pain. Also they mainly work to release joint stiffness and don’t work with muscle or ligament related problems. Because they also believe in improving your overall health the usually would see you over a long term period. I also am aware that chiropractors don’t prescribe exercises or work with muscles. Any chiropractors out there reading this, please correct me if I’m wrong.

Physio vs chiro? Whom to chose?

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Because both physio and chiro focus on different aspects of getting to your goal, it is infact advisable to do both together. Yes! I am a physio advising you that chiro is good too! In my mind there is no physio vs chiro argument. So while the chiropractic treatment helps get more movement in your joints, physiotherapist can work on releasing your muscles and getting you ready for long term success through exercises.