Rotator cuff pain is easily one of the commonest injuries our physios fix. In this article, we look at how so ? So what exactly is it? It is a group of four muscles that pretty much cup your shoulder. They attach in a common tendon around the shoulder joint. These muscles are called supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres major and minor. It’s a mouthful! However, it’s important to know that they bring about all movements in your shoulder. Hence, if the rotator cuff is injured you won’t be able to move your arm!

picture of a woman with hand on shoulder

What causes rotator cuff pain?

  • Direct injury to the shoulder, for example, a fall while playing sports or otherwise. As a result of which there is swelling or inflammation in the tendons.

  • Another cause is a car accident, perhaps,  due to the seat belt pulling on your shoulder.

  • One of the most common reasons of rotator cuff pain is also repetitive work . For instance, lifting at work or gym. This can either happen immediately or over a period of time.

    woman lifting overhead

So how do our Physios fix rotator cuff pain?

picture of a woman getting back massage
  • Our physios will do a complete assessment of your pain to know exactly which muscles are affected. They do this by asking several specific questions and doing special tests. 

  • After that our physios do specific joint techniques and deep tissue massage. As a result of which there is increase joint mobility and reduced muscle tension.

  • Finally, our Physios will give you a specific exercise program to get you back to your activity. Because any long term results do require specific muscle strengthening. Because it’s not just about lifting heavy weights. Above all, it’s about strengthening the stabilizing muscles around the shoulder.