Welcome to Get Better Physiotherapy located near Hillcrest! Our physiotherapy services are designed to help individuals who are experiencing pain. Please note that our services are not limited to sports injuries and can be utilized in various settings including hospitals, specialized schools, and aged care homes. Our goal is to promote natural healing within your body without the use of medication.

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Our Approach to Pain Relief:

We will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your pain to determine its source in your body, such as joints, muscles, nerves, or other soft tissues. By examining your pain patterns and asking detailed questions, we can gather crucial information about how your pain affects your physical function and daily activities, including exercise. This will help us understand your pain better.

At Get Better Physiotherapy , we conduct specific tests based on our initial evaluation to provide precise treatment. These tests help us identify specific changes to your daily routine that can alleviate strain on your body and offer ongoing pain relief. Our three-step system uses different techniques to effectively relieve pain.

What are Joint Mobilizations?

Our physiotherapists utilize a technique called joint mobilization. This involves gently moving the affected joint to enhance its range of motion, while applying various degrees of pressure. The technique aims to improve blood circulation, reduce stiffness and pain, and help break down any existing scar tissue. By utilizing slight joint movements, this manual therapy approach has been shown to decrease pain and increase joint performance effectively.


Deep Tissue Massage

We provide various treatments to alleviate muscle tightness, increase flexibility, reduce stress, enhance blood circulation, and alleviate discomfort. Our physiotherapists administer deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy. Additionally, we offer dry needling as a means to release muscle tension.

Muscle Strengthening

We will provide you with specific muscle-strengthening exercises once you have recovered sufficiently. Regularly performing these exercises is crucial for optimal improvement. Our goal, as your physiotherapist, is to assist you in relieving your pain and improving your overall well-being.



Physiotherapy is a medical treatment designed to enhance movement and function of the body, and it primarily focuses on addressing issues related to bones, muscles, ligaments, and nerves.

Physical therapy is beneficial for everyone irrespective of age or level of physical activity. It is not only useful for sports injuries but also helps with work-related injuries, prolonged pain, post-surgery recovery, and age-related issues.

Physiotherapy can help with a range of health issues including back and neck pain, sports injuries, muscle and joint pain, posture problems, nerve ailments, swelling, and breathing difficulties. In addition to treating these conditions, physiotherapy is also important for promoting overall health and well-being.

Physiotherapy uses various techniques like joint mobilization, deep tissue massage, and muscle strengthening exercises to improve blood circulation, reduce pain, relax muscles, and enhance joint mobility and natural healing in the body.

Generally speaking, it’s not obligatory, but it may be necessary if you’re applying for insurance or workers’ compensation benefits. You can contact your insurance provider for more details, or you can ask us for help.

The length of your physiotherapy session depends on the type and severity of your condition. Typically, sessions last between 30 to 60 minutes. We will let you know the estimated session duration during your first evaluation.

The number of sessions needed for treatment is different for each patient and condition. Typically, a treatment plan includes about five to six sessions spread out over three to four weeks. However, your specific therapy and recovery goals may alter this plan.

As part of your therapy plan, our physiotherapists will give you exercises to do at home. By doing these exercises regularly and as instructed, you can strengthen your muscles, improve your flexibility, and recover faster. Consistency is key to achieving lasting results.

Physiotherapy aims to prevent harm by recognizing and tackling possible risk factors. This is achieved through targeted workouts, guidance on proper body mechanics, and recommended lifestyle adjustments. As a result, physiotherapy promotes a healthier way of life.

Get Better Physiotherapy near Hillcrest offers workout plans and rehabilitation treatments in addition to their standard services. These alternatives use complementary methods to help you recover, enhance your strength and mobility, and improve your overall fitness, and take place in pools.

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