Kids are back to school!! Yay! After weeks and months of kids learning at home, parents can finally have a break. Who knew how hard it would be!So what does this mean for kids? Theur backpacks are so heavy these days. There’s an alrming number of kids seeking treatment for neck and back pain. Also prolonged sitting in front of the computer doesn’t help. Watch out for that slouched posture due to constantly looking into their phones or tablet. Sigh. Here are a few tips that will help parents to protect their kids backs.

heavy school bag, school kids

1. Have the level of their laptop or computer screens at the same level as their eyes.

picture of a girl lying on the couch with a tablet

Easier said than done huh? Can you think of using a keyboard with the tablet instead of them just typing on it? This will at least help to position that tablet a bit higher than the keyboard. Also using a book reader can help to position the tablet in a way so it’s vertical rather than horizontal, in their laps. It’s much easier adjusting the height of a desktop of course.

2. Pay attention to how kids are sitting while using the computer

Are the kids slouching over the tablet or laptop? Or are they sitting with their back straight? It is important to invest in a good ergonomic chair with back support. This will ensure that they sit right back and not on the edge. It’s important to have the back against the chair as it is hard to sit erect for long. This will ensure that there’s no pressure on the kids backs and necks while sitting. It is important to set up a working area for them and not have them doing homework on the dining table.

3. Don’t let kids sit for more than 30 minutes at a time

There’s more and more research connecting prolonged sitting to neck and back pain. It’s best to just make sure your kids are not in one position for more than 30 minutes at a time. Remind them to get up and run around or play. I know , I know. You will say that this way they’ll never get their homework done! But guess what? they will be more productive if they get a quick break in between their sessions. The break doesn’t have to be longer than 3-5 minutes. This will ensure movement in the joints.

4. Adjust the straps of kids back packs!

Such a simple thing and yet easily overlooked. Are the backpacks just hanging off the kid’s shoulders? This will cause them to slouch to support the weight of the heavy backpack. By tightening up the straps the weight of the back pack will shift upwards on their shoulders. It is also important to get backpacks with a waist strap. This will definitely help to equally distribute the weight across their shoulders and trunk.

5. And Finally, do not delay treatment if the neck or back pain is not resolving

If your child has ended up with back pain, it is important to see a Physio immediately. This will ensure quick recovery. ime and again we meet parents who have left it for too long. They have related it to “growing pains”. And before you know it , it’s been weeks and months. Remember, the longer you leave a problem , the harder it gets to get rid of it. As everything in life really. Here’ s a simple philosophy for you.