For years Physiotherapy has been used as a very effective scoliosis treatment, yet there’s not enough information about it in the general population. Perhaps this is also because most of the times scoliosis is an accidental finding if it’s only mild. However, if it starts to causes symptoms, then it can certainly be picked up on X rays that your health practitioner will advise. So before I go any further I must explain that scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine that can vary in severity. If the case is only mild, which is mostly, it does not require surgery as scoliosis treatment unless it starts to worsen in curve. Thankfully this doesn’t happen frequently (about 1 in 1000 according to Scoliosis Australia). In this article, I’m going to discuss how physiotherapy can really be an effective scoliosis treatment to maintain the health of your spine and prevent further complications.

scoliosis treatment

When is physiotherapy indicated as scoliosis treatment?

As I mentioned earlier, mild scoliosis most of the times, is an accidental finding. But in some cases the side curvature of the spine can become worse, causing rotation of the bones of the spine. This can create a visible hump on one side of the spine which not only affects the appearance of the spine but also leads to pain. Some of the symptoms that require immediate scoliosis treatment are as follows:

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain and/or headaches
  • leg length issues causing other joint pain
  • Prominent hump on the back

I must also mention that for a lot of us who have sitting jobs, although mild scoliosis will not start causing back /neck pain, it will certainly aggravate any pain due to poor posture and prolonged sitting. Physiotherapy is highly effective as scoliosis treatment for pain relief and preventing complications and maintaing spinal health.

Physiotherapy scoliosis treatment includes joint mobilisations

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It’s very important to mobilise the joints to get more movement as part of scoliosis treatment. This is because the sideways curvature of the spine can bring the joints closer on one side causing undue strain and joint inflammation leading to pain. Physiotherapists at our clinic do joint mobilizations as part of scoliosis treatment to improve joint mobility and function. This helps in improving the blood flow through the area and get rid of pain causing inflammation. Although this doesn’t change the curvature as such, this treatment definitely helps in reducing pain and improving function.

An integral part of scoliosis treatment is reduction in muscle tightness due to scoliosis

The side curve of the spine lead to muscle imbalances on either side of the spine. This causes tightness of muscles on one side and over stretching of the muscles on the other. The tight muscles can further tighten up in order to protect the joints. This is called spasm. It’s the muscle spasms that can eventually start causing more pain than the actual scoliosis. Sometimes, there can be twitching also. This is exactly why we use muscle tension release like trigger point therapy and deep tissue massage as part of our scoliosis treatment. This will help in lengthening the muscles and providing more flexibility to the joints of the spine. Our Remedial Massage therapists in browns plains work hadn in hand with our Physiotherapists to ensure that you get the most out of your sessions.

Remedial Massage for scoliosis treatment

Strengthening weak muscles is a very important aspect ogf scoliosis treatment

Remedial Massage for scoliosis treatment

All the other manual therapy techniques will be rendered ineffective if this phase is not included in scoliosis treatment. A major part of physiotherapy in our clinic is the strengthening of muscles around the spine which is a long term measure. Whether the muscles are tight or stretched, they’ll become weak. Unless and until the muscle strength builds up, the muscles are not going to be able to support the joints long term. Hence, it’s very important to build strength in and around the muscles of the neck and back as part of scoliosis treatment. This not only helps in maintaining the scoliotic curve preventing it from getting worse but will also help with pain management. Progressive resisted exercises that challenge the muscles form an integral part of our scoliosis treatment protocol. Hydrotherapy is another great way to strengthen those muscles in the early stages. Our physios are skilled at administering hydrotherapy or exercises in a gym. We also run Reformer Pilates classes in Browns Plains, which is a great full body workout and a very low impact one too.

Long term strategy for scoliosis treatment

As with any other thing in life , whether it is to lose weight or to excel in your career, consistency is the key. Exactly so for long term results, it’s important to stick to a customised plan of action. Yes scoliosis treatment can be more intense initially. You may be required to attend Physiotherapy sessions more frequently but as your body recovers and you get stronger, you will not require as much support from your Physio. So it’s crucial to plan out treatment according to your short term goals and longer term benefits. Our physiotherapists wil provide a comprehensive plan of action in your first visit and will guide you through your treatment journey.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from neck pain or back pain due to scoliosis, or suspecting that they might have scoliosis, please contact us to get a customsied scoliosis treatment for your goals.