As we all know, prevention is better than cure! Here are some tips from our therapists for lower back pain relief and long term maintenance.


Now I am sure this is not the first time you’ve heard it but our bodies love to move! If you are not into exercising yet, be gentle and take it slow. Try things like walking and water based exercises to ease into it. In fact swimming is the best form of exercise there is for your lower back pain! Not only will your back love it, you’re working on your heart and lungs and keeping weight at bay.


How do you normally carry out your daily activities? Is your lifting technique correct? Do you sit still for long periods? How’s your posture? Making small changes to your habits can make a big difference in long term spinal health. The simplest thing to do is get up every 30-40 minutes of sitting. Take a break from your sitting. It’s important that while you are sitting, you sit right back in the chair. And when you are sitting on the couch, make sure you don’t slouch. Use your legs to lift things rather than bending over. This will definitely reduce the strain going through the lower back

Physiotherapy for lower back pain relief

Physiotherapists are specialists in lower back pain treatment. If your pain has not subsided in a few days, see one as soon as possible. They will use techniques such as joint mobilizations, massage and dry needling to reduce your pain. It is important to see a Physio as soon as the pain starts for a quick recovery. According to Australian Physiotherapy Association, “A physiotherapist can help confirm that you have non-specific low back pain and rule out other conditions that require additional testing and treatment”

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Core strengthening exercises for lower back pain relief

An individualized program is the key! Don’t google exercises! They may not be suited for your specific injury or the stage you are at in your rehabilitation. Exercise physiologists are specialized in the prescription of exercise for rehabilitation and they can make sure you get your technique right to prevent further injuries. Click here to learn more about how our Exercise Physiologists can help you.


If you are one of the many adults that suffer from back pain, do something about it now! Call Get Better Physiotherapy and speak to our friendly staff about a plan to reduce and prevent back pain today!