Mistake number one: IMPROPER FORM or TECHNIQUE.

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Not knowing the correct technique when strength training will definitely cause joint pain. Things like using momentum to “swing” the weight up and down is the most common mistake. REMEMBER, lifting heavier weights doesn’t do any good without proper TECHNIQUE. Muscles are worked best with slow movements not fast ones. If you cannot do a slow movement with good form, you are probably lifting too heavy.


Have you ever seen people doing 20-30 reps of lightweight in the gym while strength training? Or have you ever seen people doing only 3 reps of very heavy weight? A recent study showed that the best exercise rep range is between 8 – 12 reps per set. Doing too many reps or doing too fewer reps will not be more beneficial. Doing moderate reps with moderate weights has a better effect on muscle growth. One study suggested that using the range between 8 – 12 full reps with proper form stimulates higher muscle protein synthesis. This is 60% more than training with low half reps with heavy weight. Of course as you gain more understanding about strength training, you can use different combination of reps to sets.

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Mistake number three while strength training: MACHINE LOVE!

A lot of people who do strength training in the gym have obsession for machines. Machines are good for training overall compound muscles strength, but free weights remain the best muscle strengthening tool. Training with free weights allows you to strengthen the stabilizing muscles. This helps to balance out the weight as you are doing the primary exercises. Exercises with barbell and dumbbells should be the foundation of your muscles strengthening program. As you can get more muscle fibers activation as you move the weight through different angles.

Remember that pain is not normal especially if does not go away in few days. Make sure you make an appointment with our Physiotherapist to get rid of your pain and get back to your gym program. Also you can make use of our Exercise Physiologist’s expertise, the can help you to develop a program that is tailored to your needs, great to target the weak spots and enhance your progress.

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