The reason why you have stumbled upon this article is probably that you are seeking the best tension headache treatment. Because the sharp pain in the head is really threatening to take over your life! Well you must read on to know how effectively our Physios can get rid of your headaches and dizziness.

Picture of a woman sitting at a desk with a tension headache

1. Our Physios provide hands on techniques for tension headache treatment

You can’t get rid of headaches by doing only exercises. Contrary to what some people believe, Physios use hands on techniques to relieve the tension in the muscles. By using trigger point therapy and joint mobilization techniques, we provide effective pain relief. It’s important to understand that Physios do not just send you home with exercises. We literally use our hands to change joint and muscle tissue!

Picture of a man getting a massage

2. Correction of your posture and work station

Believe it or not, most common reason for tension headaches is poor posture! With more and more people working from home nowadays, it’s become extremely important to set their workstations correctly. Everything needs to be at the right position for you to sit in the correct posture. Hence our Physios do a complete assessment of your posture. This is one of the main part of our tension headache treatment. Furthermore we advise you different ways in which you can set up your work desk to avoid strain on your spine.

Picture of hands on laptop

3. Deep tissue massage and trigger pointing is the main part of our tension headache treatment

Prolonged sitting in front of the computer eventually leads to muscle tightness in the neck. Now because they attach to the base of the skull, these muscles start tensing them up. This in turn  causes pain behind the eye or back of head pain. Hence I believe it is just so important to release tension in the neck muscles. Our physios do exactly that. This actually leads to immediate headache relief for most of our patients.

Picture of woman getting forehead massage