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Do you keep taking drugs each time you have an ache? If the answer is Yes, you are not alone! The number of time we see people being given medication over and over again is seriously quite alarming. Constant pain whether in the back, knee or head is not normal! Just taking drugs is not going to make the pain disappear. It is not normal to be in pain. No matter how much I emphasise this it’s not enough.

Pain is the way your body tells you to stop doing something because it is hurting it. You must not continue that activity and stop immediately. For example, if your back starts hurting at work on lifting something, do not continue working! Stop and recover. If you have rolled your ankle at footy, do not continue playing ! Go find the physio! Taking drugs constantly is only going to mask the pain and not cure the injury.

Have you considered Physio instead of medicine?

Did you know that Physiotherapists are great at diagnosing exactly where your pain is coming from? Physios do a complete assessment of your injury and treat it with hands on techniques. These techniques increase the circulation through the area and help in relieving pain and swelling. As a result there is better movement in the joints and muscles. However, it is then important to continue with exercises to strengthen the muscles. Remember, pain does not let the muscles perform efficiently. This leads to weakness and exercises must be done to return the muscles to the pre injury level.