You may think physiotherapy is only for sports injuries, but the truth is that physiotherapy can be used for any pain affecting the bones, muscles, nerves, or joints. Back pain, neck pain, strains from repetitive lifting, or even aches from sitting in front of a computer all day are all conditions which can be diagnosed and improved by a physiotherapist.
During your first session, you’ll typically be asked to fill out some paperwork, including questions about your condition. Your physiotherapist will then conduct a thorough examination to discern the source of your problems.

therapist helping a woman

Your personalised plan of action

A licenced and experienced physiotherapist is not only skilled at diagnosing pain, but also highly knowledgeable about how to construct personalised plans in accordance with a patient’s strengths and limitations. You will be talked through your step-by-step plan to gain insight into your condition and understand the importance of each step.
Only then will treatment begin. Depending on the nature of your pain, this will include hands-on techniques, like massage and joint mobilisation, to place pressure on joints for increased functionality. However, your physiotherapist will communicate with you to ensure this is personally tolerable. Although a certain amount of pressure is needed, a professional’s familiarity with joint anatomy means that each movement will contribute to pain reduction in the long run.

How to get long term benefits from your sessions

At Get Better Physiotherapy Centre, the focus is on education, equipping people with the knowledge to manage their own conditions and limit the chances of recurring pain. With this said, it is vital to follow your physiotherapist’s plan and be consistent.
Often, your regime will outline exercises to do at home in order to maintain the progress achieved in your sessions. For the best results, and to save money by preventing the need for further sessions, it is best to take these exercises seriously – this will give you the best shot at a pain-free future.
So, for expert help in managing your pain, call 07 3800 3417 today.