Have you got a slipped disc in your back and are now left wondering how on earth to get rid of it? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We as Physios have great experience in treating back pain because of a slipped disc in your back. It’s as common in the neck too. And office workers are as prone to it as a physical worker doing repetitive lifting. Do you know why? Because sitting and bending put tremendous pressure on the discs in your spine. So it’s constant pressure that develops over a period of time or sometimes it can be an injury which causes the slipped disc. Any which way, the best thing to do is to get treated straight away. The longer you’re in pain, the longer you’re body will take to heal. And who better to help you out than our experienced Physiotherapists. Here’s how we can help you if you have a slipped disc:

Pain can be Treated in Physiotherapy

We work on the root cause of the slipped disc

The discs in your neck and back basically act like shock absorbers. So if there’s any stress to the body like repetitive lifting or even injury, the disc will grin and bear it. However, when the load is too much, a slipped disc can happen in your neck or back. This in turn creates swelling or inflammation around the disc and joints of the spine. Which basically what causes the pain. We get more movement into the joint which increases the blood flow in the joint and reduces the inflammation causes by the slipped disc. This also increases the flexibility of the joints. So if you’ve got a slipped disc,  this is exactly what you need.

Soft tissue release is very important in getting rid of a slipped disc

woman getting back massage

So what we do that a lot of other health professionals don’t is release those knots in the muscles. Your muscles are just responding to the swelling created due to the slipped disc. So they go into a spasm or become tight. By releasing them with our deep tissue and trigger point therapy, we can get rid of the muscle spasms. The spasms can sometimes be more painful than the actual injury itself so it really helps to get these muscles relaxed as soon as possible. It goes hand in hand with joint movement. By doing so we can actually get quicker recovery from a slipped disc for our patients!

Nothing better than physio guided reformer pilates to prevent a slipped disc

Pilates reformer.3 1

We offer reformer pilates, which is by far the best way to strengthen a weak core from a slipped disc. Now your trunk muscles are the core of the body. They help you do whatever it is that you do during the day. But when there’s back pain, these muscles weaken. It just gets into a vicious cycle where the muscle weakness doesn’t hold the back stable during movements. And that further causes pain. So it’s very important to break this cycle through a tailored strengthening program.

Our physios do a complete assessment of the problem and create individualised programs, you may continue in a group. We don’t have more than 4 people in a group so we can correct you if you’re doing something wrong. It’s not a situation where there’s one person at the front shouting instructions while the others are following the routine. Everyone has a different program according to their needs. Afterall it’s about your recovering from a slipped disc.