Women’s health issues are so common and yet it is an uncomfortabe topic to discuss for a lot of women. Physiopedia says “It is estimated to affect about 50% of adult women and 3% to 11% in adult men, however, only 25% to 61% of those women seek care”. Well if you are suffering from any issue like urinary incontinence or pelvic floor dysfuction, then this article is for you. We discuss how Physiotherapy can help these conditions and help you recover from them completely! But first we need to discuss what are pelvic floor muscles ?

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Why pelvic floor muscles are important in women’s health issues?

The pelvic floor muscles pretty much form a strong base of support for the internal organs in the pelvic area. The pelvic floor is made up of muscles, ligaments and connective tissue that pretty much forms a sling. This sling protects the organs that help us urinate or defecate and even the reproductive organs. These muscles contract or relax to control the body motions. Usually an injury to these muscles during childbirth or due to repetitive trauma , will cause a dysfunction. This in turn will affect the bodily functions and leads to symtpoms like leakage, frequency or urgency. In a few cases it may also cause pelvic pain.

How can Physio help with women’s health issues?

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  • Our Physios will do a complete assessment of your pain

    At Get Better Physiotherapy all initial appointments are done in a private room and not cubicles where you feel uncomfortable discussing private issues. The physio will ask you questions that tell us how the condition affects your daily life. As first contact practitioners , physios do not need you to get a GP referral. We are very capable of diagnosing a particular problem. However if more information is required, the physio will advise further investigations like an ultrasound scan.

  • Short term pain relief and a plan of action to get to your goals

    This is where the physio will work with you to form an action plan to get to your goal. It includes a step by step program to get you back to your life. Whether it is playing with your kids painfree or just doing activities without thinking about what will happen if you laugh out loud. The plan will include an explanation of where the wome’s health issue is arising from. If you need any hands on therapy or more of a long term rehab approach. In aaddition to this , our physio will also advise you do’s and dont’s that you must follow to achieve the best results. Followed by a timeline for recovery.

  • Focus on long term management

    Our Physiotherapist will show you exactly how you can maintain your health long term. This is done by carefully selecting a pilates based program to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. If you are more of a gym person, our physios are happy to meet you at a nearby gym and write a program for you. There is a lot of advice and education about how you can manage long term. So you don’t feel alone!