Are you working from home and self isolating to avoid getting COVID-19? Although you liked the idea initially you are confused on how to set up your workstation. Then this article is for you! Here are 3 tips to set up your workstation correctly so you don’t end up nursing a sore neck. After all you have to look after your physical health as well. We are seeing more and more patients seeking treatment for a sore neck and back due to poor posture. The following tips will help you sit in a good posture while working from home.

Tip 1: Stand up while working from home

stand up work desk

Can you set up a sit to stand desk? They are not expensive as they used to be. It’s a good alternative to avoid prolonged sitting. Now this doesn’t mean you remain standing for hours together! It is important to note that any prolonged activity will put pressure on the joints of our spine. Not to mention, even the joints of our hips, knees and ankles! So make sure you are not standing for hours in an effort to avoid prolonged sitting. The best strategy is really to change our position every 30 minutes. Be it sitting or standing or walking it’s important to keep changing the position.

Tip 2: Sit right back in the chair while working from home

man working on a computer

Now are you one of those who sit right on the edge of your chair? It’s hard for us to sit straight for the whole day. So what do we do? end up slouching. That’s the worse thing you can do for your back. So make sure you are sitting right back in your chair. This will support your lower back and keep you in a good posture. The arms should always be rested closer to the body so you are not reaching for the keyboard.  Also have the computer at the right level to the keyboard while you are seated. This will prevent you from looking down at the screen.

Tip 3: Change your position every 30 minutes!

It is important to remember that our bodies are designed to move! Hence being in one position is stressful for the joints of our bodies. So don’t sit for hours together at the computer . Make sure you get up religiously every 30 minutes for at least 3 minutes at a time. Go get a cuppa or go to the loo. Or even just a drink of water. Do something and move! This will keep your joints flexible and your muscles moving.

Health and well being Queensland website has some great tips on staying healthy while working from home too. Check them out for more ideas.