If you’r e waiting for your arthritic pain to get worse before you go to get a joint replacement, please don’t. I’m not sure why there’s not enough information about how physio can help with arthritis. Whether it’s arthritis in the knees or arthritis in hip, you can feel better! You don’t have to wait for your pain to get worse before you are eligible to get a joint replacement. And you don’t have to live on medication. Especially if you’re a young person suffering from arthritic pain. Physio is one of the mainstay treatments when it comes to arthritis. Here are 3 excellent ways in which we can help you:

Picture of a man suffering from a hamstring injury or strain

Our physios reduce your arthritic pain by using manual therapy

Arthritis is nothing but swelling of the joint. Our physiotherapy focuses on hands on techniques that increase blood flow through arthritic joints. This then helps in increasing the blood flow through the joints and reducing the swelling or inflammation. Thus, reducing the pain. So you’re able to do lot more activities through the day. This also increases the mobility of the joints so you feel more flexible. Because one of the major problems with arthritic pain is stiffness, the joint movements really help.

Muscle strengthening is absolutely important for relief from arthritic pain

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As you would know, one of the major impacts of arthritic pain is the weakness in the muscles. So we really need to focus on a tailored exercise program to increase strength in your muscles but at a gradual pace. Don’t worry we’re not going to ask you to start pumping iron ni the gym. Far from it! Arthritic pain responds really well to slow and steady movements. So reformer pilates is a great form of exercise for this particular issue. Because the movements are so controlled, there’s just no impact on your joints. And that’s exactly what’s needed for arthritic joints. So please don’t just go and start a program by yourself. Because you won’t be able to tell which movements might hurt and end up being disappointed. It’s very important to get a thorough assessment before you’re given an exercise program. This is exactly what we do.

Don’t forget the muscles around joints with arthritic pain!

It’s something that’s ignored quite easily by some health professionals. It’s just so important to work on releasing the muscles around those arthritic joints. Because the muscles are only trying to protect the joint from further injury. So they do tighten up in response. Once the muscle is released, the joint can move easier. And this is exactly what we focus on. We do techniques such as deep tissue or remedial massage to help relax the muscles. This also makes them work better when doing strengthening exercises.