Read that again. Yes I said changing your relationship with food affects chronic pain. Because anyone can use will power to stop eating certain foods for a short period of time right? I mean, by now we know that bread and pasta is bad for us. Don’t we? But, and this is a big but, it’s sticking with your choices long term is the difficult part. I’m sure many of you have tried a number of different diets that only work for a little while. As soon as you go back to your “normal” way of eating, boom! The weight is back on and more. Sigh! Only if the change happened at a mental level. Imagine not even wanting bread or pasta or that friday night pizza. Wow! Wouldn’t that be absolutely liberating! And here’s the thing, in addition to losing weight you would actually get rid of your chronic pain! Here’s how:

I know you love your coffee, but in increases chronic pain

I know you love your coffee but it increases your cortisol levels which increases pain. Tell me one thing, when do you have your first coffee? When you first wake up right? For a lot of us it’s a ritual. I totally get it. But having coffee on an empty stomach increases the level of the stress hormone cortisol in the body. Especially for women who are trying to lose weight. This can create tremendous stress. All this stress can actually affect your body’s ability to heal itself from injury.So if you’re a chronic pain sufferer, this will wreak havoc on your body

Eating heavy grain involved food slows your recovery from chronic pain

Digestion is by far the toughest on our bodies. So if you eat foods like vegetables and fruits that don’t put pressure on the stomach, it’s all good. But because pasta and bread are quite processed and quite heavy on our system, digesting them is a whole lot of work. That’s why the only thing you want to do after eating a pizza on a friday night is be a couch potato.

All the sugar that you unknowingly drink increases your chronic pain 

Did you know 1 can of coca cola has 10 cubes of sugar in it! We only require about 6 teaspoons of added sugar per day. So if you’re drinking 2 or even 3 cans of coke in a day, can you imagine the amount of sugar going through your blood stream? All that sugar can clog your arteries. It slows down circulation, the one thing required to clear all the pain causing inflammation in the body.