If lower back pain is a yes for you, chances are you’re not alone. It’s estimated that approximately a third of adults are experiencing lower back pain at any one time. Seems a lot? It is! Lower back pain sufferers make up a large majority of patients we see in the clinic. These patients may have had their first incidence or it might be something they have experienced for most of their lives. One thing they all have in common is the pain has some impact on their ability to enjoy normal aspects of their life.

Predictors of how long a patient may continue to experience symptoms rely on many different factors. Poor general health, older age, women and how distressed a patient feels about their injury can all be used as markers as to how quickly someone recovers. The cause of lower back pain is also an important factor to consider when thinking about recovery time


Causes of lower back pain

  • Disc injury (bulge, rupture, degeneration, slipped or herniation)- can be very painful.  It can happen due to repetitive bending, lifting or sitting.

  • Muscle strain- a very common cause. Usually brought on by heavy work, twisting or sudden movement.

  • Arthritis – is nothing but wear and tear of the spine.

  • Scoliosis- some are born with or develop an abnormal spinal curve

  • Pregnancy- puts extra strain through the lower back and hips

  • Spondylolysthesis- vertebrae slipping forwards on another impinging on nerves

  • Other medical conditions that are not common

Due to the varied causes of lower back pain it is important to see your Physiotherapist for the right diagnosis and treatment.

In another article we will tackle the common mistakes that you might be making that lead to lower back pain issues.