Have you been having pain between shoulder blades and you can’t seem to get rid of it? Well, physiotherapy is one of the best forms of treatment for this. Sometimes simple things like pushing or pulling can strain the muscles between your shoulder blades. This in turn can cause joint stiffness. As a result deep breathing, coughing or sneezing becomes painful. It either feels like a sharp pain on doing certain activities or a constant toothache like pain which is there all the time. Here’s what to do about it:

picture of a woman with hands behind back

You must see a Physio straight away. As the longer you leave a problem the harder it gets to recover. Pain medication only masks the pain but does not treat the root of the problem. Here’s how we can help you:

1. Our Physio will tell you the exact reason for the pain between shoulder blades

Sometimes the pain is actually being referred from your neck. So unless the physio does a full assessment of your injury, the reason is not clear. It is improtant to ascertain the root cause of pain for long term pain relief. Physios can diagnose the injury and treat the root cause.

2. Our Physios will guide you to avoid movements that cause pain between shoulder blades

It may be difficult to tell which activities aggravate your pain if it’s there all the time. Physios will gather a lot of information by asking you specific questions about your pain. Furthermore they will guide you about activities to avoid that can aggravate your pain.You may not realize how certain activities affect your condition.

picture of a man doing chin ups

3. We use hands on techniques to get rid of your pain

Simply doing certain exercises will not get rid of your pain. Our Physios do lots of manual therapy techniques. These include joint mobilizations to improve joint movement. Also trigger point therapy and deep tissue massage relieve muscle tension. All these help with pain relief.

picture of a woman getting massage

4. We show you specific strengthening for long term pain relief

Although hands on techniques help with pain relief. It’s really specific strengthening that will help with long term results. Physios have tremendous knowledge about which muscles are required to stabilize your shoulder blades. If you have a physical job or even an office job where you are required to sit for long periods, you will need to strengthen these muscles. This is where the expert knowledge from a Physio will help. They will show you exactly what to do to prevent future problems.