Welcome to Get Better Physiotherapy! We provide physiotherapy services near the Calamvale area to assist you in managing your pain and discomfort. Our physiotherapists operate in hospitals, schools, and aged care facilities, demonstrating the versatility and benefits of physiotherapy.

At Get Better Physiotherapy, located near Calamvale, we prioritize natural healing methods that do not involve medication. Our specialized techniques aim to enhance blood circulation in your joints and muscles, which can improve your body’s natural healing abilities. Please keep in mind that to achieve lasting pain relief, attending a minimum of five or six sessions over three to four weeks is necessary.

How We Help You with Pain Relief

We begin the pain relief process by understanding the cause of your pain. We will examine your pain patterns and how they affect your daily activities and exercise routines. Based on this analysis, we create a personalized treatment plan.
We use specific tests to confirm our initial assessment findings. These tests help us identify the specific areas that require treatment. Once we have analyzed the results, we will recommend modifications to your daily activities to reduce stress and help manage your pain in the long term.

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We use different techniques to help relieve your pain

Joint Mobilizations

Our physiotherapists use joint mobilization techniques to make joints more flexible. They apply pressure and move the joints gently to increase blood flow, reduce stiffness, alleviate pain, and break down scar tissue. With accurate movements, our physiotherapists can achieve significant positive results. Manual therapy is crucial in our treatment process as it can effectively relieve pain and improve joint function.


Deep Tissue Massage

Get Better Physiotherapy offers various techniques, including deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy, to ease muscle tightness and promote relaxation, flexibility, better circulation, and pain relief. They also provide dry needling to release muscle tension.

Muscle Strengthening

As part of your treatment, you will receive a personalized home exercise plan to strengthen your muscles. These exercises will not be immediately introduced, but will be gradually added to your recovery as you progress. Regular exercise is essential for achieving lasting results. Moreover, Get Better Physiotherapy offers gym programs or hydrotherapy at nearby pools to complement your recovery process.



Physiotherapy is a healthcare approach that uses specific techniques and exercises to improve physical function, targeting conditions affecting bones, muscles, ligaments, and nerves. If you reside in the Calamvale area, physiotherapy can help reduce pain, improve mobility, assist injury recovery, and enhance overall physical health.

Aside from sports injuries, physiotherapy can benefit people from various backgrounds. This is because physiotherapists can treat numerous conditions, such as chronic pain, motor vehicle accidents, workplace injuries, and post-surgical rehabilitation.

Physiotherapy provides multiple methods to relieve pain. Joint mobilization enhances joint movement, promotes blood circulation, and reduces stiffness and pain. Deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy aim to relax muscles, increase flexibility, and alleviate tension. Moreover, physiotherapists can recommend customized exercise routines to improve muscle strength, resulting in prolonged pain relief.

Physiotherapy uses natural methods to alleviate pain and promote healing, rather than depending only on medications.

Physiotherapy services are suitable for people of all ages, such as children, seniors, and athletes, and can effectively address age-related ailments. Physiotherapy enhances physical abilities and helps improve the overall quality of life for anyone who receives it.

If you are located near Calamvale and wish to visit a physiotherapist, a referral from a doctor may not be necessary. However, it is possible that some healthcare policies or insurance plans have specific requirements. It would be recommended to verify with your insurance provider or contact the physiotherapy clinic directly to confirm any prerequisites before scheduling an appointment.

If you want to schedule a physiotherapy session near Calamvale, simply reach out to Get Better Physiotherapy. They will assist you in setting up an appointment that suits your schedule and give you any necessary information or forms for your initial visit.


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