Physiotherapy is not just about showing exercises. Yes you heard it right! Australian Physiotherapy association say that Physiotherapists help get you the most out of life. Don’t tell me you had a bad experience going to a physio because all they did was talk and show you some exercises! Some of which you could easily find on youtube?  Well then , here’s an informative article about what Physiotherapy involves.

Physiotherapy is about using manual skills to get rid of your pain

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Here at Get Better Physiotherapy it’s all about using the manual therapy skills we learn to help people get out of pain. It is as simple as that. Do you even know the number of years we physios have to be at university? Four long years! In addition to this, it may even be longer if someone wishes to specialise. Rest assured we have a lot of different techniques that we can use to get rid of your pain.

So what manual therapy skills you may ask? Well, we use a combination of joint movement and muscle releasing techniques to increase the blood flow to the injured area. This hereby helps in reducing any swelling or inflammation around those structures in your body. Thus promoting healing in the area.

Physiotherapy is about getting to the root cause of the problem

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This is such an important aspect pf Physiotherapy. This is exactly why we ask so many questions in the first session. To find out specifically how your pain is affecting your daily life. Also, it gives us a great deal of information about what is going on in your body. You see pain can develop patterns over a period of time. By asking these questions, we are trying to pick up patterns so we can break the cycle. This is especially true for chronic pain sufferers. Unfortunately so many people become a victime of a constant vicious cycle.

Once, we know the root cause, we can implement techniques to get rid of your pain. But hey, we cannot clap with one hand right? This is where you come in. Our advice is tailored towards your daily activities and modifying them. By following your physio’s advice you ensure the best long term results.

Physiotherapy is a program not a one session job

We are not miracle workers here! We help with the body’s natural healing processes. Hence, it takes time. It’s not just a matter of a session or two. But usually it is a 4 to 6 weeks program. This is to ensure that you have long term results and are not rushing back in every few months to “get rid of a knot”. At this stage, exercises become important. As they do help to maintain good health long term. All of us know this right. But knowing is one thing and doing is another. So it is important to commit to a program of Physiotherapy in order to get results that last.