This one is for all you pregnant ladies out there seeking pregnancy lower back pain relief. Don’t you just hate it when you go to get rid of your pain or knots and all they give you is a feathery massage? Now come on , we know that you are doing the most important work you will ever do in your lifetime, making a baby! But hey who said you were fragile? All you want is someone to just get in there and get rid of your aching back and tight muscles right? Well, read on my lady to see what we can do for you!

picture of a pregnanct woman with pergnancy lower back pain

So what happens to your joints when you feel pregnancy lower back pain?

Pregnancy lower back pain is really due to all the friendly ( not so friendly) hormones that you release during pregnancy. They make the ligaments of your joints quite flexible to prepare for the birth of your little one. This of course means added stress to the joints and muscles of your body. And by the time you are in your third trimester , the weight of the baby will certainly increase the pressure on the lower back joints. This in turn causes pregnancy lower back pain. Many women also develop sciatica or pain down the leg due to pressure on the sciatic nerve. But fear not, it usually disappears after the birth of your child. However, pregnancy lower back pain is another beast all together. It may not go away due to nursing and carrying the baby. So it’s very important to deal with it as soon as it occurs.

Pregnancy lower back pain relief! This is exactly what we do!

picture of a pregnant woman

So we get it, you really want someone to get in there and release your pain. Don’t worry we know you are doing the best work possible but we also know you are not fragile. We don’t just lay our hands on you, we mean business! First things first, we assess your pain. Since your lower back is actually made of five small bones connecting to each other and the pelvis. We need to figure out how many of these joints are affected. Once that’s clear, we can get in there and use firm pressure to release your joints and muscles. We know for sure you are strong and can handle good amount of pressure. But hey everyone has diffferent tolerance levels so we definitely work within your limits. Finally, we show you core strengthening and pelvic floor exercises. These are really important not just for birth but even after child birth. So we are surely thinking long term here. Now don’t keep waiting for the pain to go away. Give us a bell and we are here to help!