Remedial massage is generally part of a recovery plan put together by massage therapists. It works by improving circulation, reducing tension, relaxing muscles, and providing pain relief. Deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy are often used to treat a variety of conditions behind muscle and nerve pain, so it’s very likely to be included in your sessions.
However, if you haven’t received massage therapy before and are looking for something like a commercial massage with more curative effects, you will need a professional pain assessment before booking massage specifically. If your issue is, for instance, related to your joints, massage may only work to relieve your pain temporarily.

What can remedial massage help me with?

Many of the strains and aches caused by modern sedentary lifestyles, such as neck pain due to a hunched posture, can be alleviated through remedial massage. Back pain obtained through more physical work can also be treated this way, as can many sports injuries and general cases of tight muscles after strenuous activity.
Believe it or not, even headaches can potentially be cured with remedial massage. If the cause is related to muscle tension, an experienced massage therapist will be able to reduce occurrence significantly. Other conditions that could see improvement include post-surgery lymph drainage and pregnancy-related lower back pain.

Where to go for effective remedial massage

To consult with a massage therapist in a private, relaxed setting where you are guaranteed a comprehensive assessment and tailored recovery plan, you can call Get Better Physiotherapy today. Located in Browns Plains, the multidisciplinary centre focuses on educating people about their conditions to ensure long-term results rather than repeat customers, and unlike some physio clinics, you won’t be rushed through treatment in cramped cubicles.
For hands-on, targeted methods designed to give you your best shot at a pain-free future, call 07 3800 3417 and start your recovery now.