Chronic heel pain sufferer? Shockwave therapy may be the answer!

Shockwave…Literally! Can’t you hear it in Anne’s voice? Ah! just kidding… She definitely felt better after. Shockwave Therapy is the new innovation in the treatment of chronic heel pain. For years we Physios have had the challenging task of getting rid of pain arising from chronic plantar fascitis, heel pain and achilles tendinitis. The most common symptom is heel pain or pain around the inner arch of your foot. Sounds familiar?

Well a lot of us may be born with flat feet and no arch support. This leads to incorrect walking technique and the inevitable tightening up of the smaller muscles of the sole of our feet and the bigger calf muscles. This imbalance continues to affect the muscles causing inflammation or swelling. The administration of shockwaves helps in reducing this inflammation leading to almost immediate pain relief. Of course the immediate relief of pain is temporary but if continued with Physiotherapy, it can lead to long term results.