What are the best Shoulder exercises to strengthen the rotator cuff muscles you may wonder? Fear no more! Here is a combination of the most basic shoulder exercises that anyone with a shoulder problem or not must know! All you need is a theraband and dumbbells if you fancy them. Now before you ask me what a theraband is, it is a stretch band that is used to do shoulder exercises. The band provides resistance to challenge the muscles. Remember darker the colour, higher is the resistance. You are better off starting with a yellow or white band. The, progress to a darker colour with more resistance. This will strengthen the muscles. Please remember to get the right technique from our Physios or Exercise Physiologist before starting an exercise program.

So lets get started!

Basic shoulder exercises

External rotation

  • Hold the theraband end in each hand

  • Now pull it apart.

  • Keep in mind that the elbows must not move away from the body.

  • Hold the position for 10 seconds

  • Repeat 5 times and 2-3 times /day

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Shoulder external rotation

How to do shoulder flexion :

  • Hold one end of the theraband under your foot

  • Now pull the other end with a straight arm

  • Make sure you do not go above your head

  • Hold the position for 10 seconds


Shoulder flexion

Shoulder internal rotation

  • Tie one end of the theraband to a door knob

  • Pull the other end away

  • Make sure the elbow does not move away from the body

  • Hold for 10 seconds


Shoulder Internal rotation

Shoulder Extension

  • Put one end of the therband under your foot

  • Pull the other end backwards with a straight arm

  • Hold the position for 10 seconds

  • Make sure you don’t lean forwards


Shoulder extension