lower back stretch with a foam roller!

Have you been doing lower back stretch lately? I am sure the answer would be no if you have been feeling the following. Niggly stiffness in the lower back after you have done a great workout in the gym? Or do you feel lower back stiffness getting out of bed in the mornings? or perhaps it is stiff on getting up after you have been sitting for a while? According to Pain Australia,particularly lower back pain, is the most common form of pain. Chronic back pain is a leading cause of disability worldwide and one of the most common reasons for people of working age to drop out of the workforce.

You can use a foam roller to effectively stretch your lower back as a home exercise program in addition to getting Physiotherapy. But make sure that the muscles are warmed up. Never stretch a cold muscle or else injury can happen. It’s always a great idea to do stretches as a cool down AFTER a workout. This will avoid injuries and also maintain flexibility. The best way to stretch is to lie with ON the foam roller and bend your hips and knees. Use your legs to roll the body up and down the foam roller. Now initially it may only be possible for a few minutes as the pressure can be quite firm. However, as you stretch more, it will become easier.

Using body weight to stretch the muscles is an excellent way to improve muscle flexibility and reducing joint stiffness. You will feel immediate release of tension and improved mobility. One word of caution though…if you are unsure on how to use the foal roller,you must seek advice from your Physiotherapist prior to initiating any stretch or exercise.

Happy foam rolling!