Stretch for groin pain


Groin pain stopping you from your sporting or even daily activities? Not a great feeling isn’t it? But once you stretch it feels way better, doesn’t it?Well, there are a lot of muscles that attach into the groin. Overuse of these muscles while training or sports can cause tightness. Not enough stretching at the end of your workout or training can also cause tightness. If left untreated this tightness can then progress to tears in the muscle causing pain. However, overstretching the muscle while playing sports can tear the muscles too! As a result lead to groin pain. Other causes of groin pain may also include conditions such as hernia or kidney stones according to the Mayo clinic.

It’s best to perform groin stretches regularly to avoid injuries. Yoga is a great form of stretching. The best time to stretch would be as a cool down. This is because the muscles are most relaxed when they are warm. Stretching a muscle at the end of the workout will ensure optimum stretching.

The following is one of the yoga stretches for groin pain:

  1. Sit up tall on the floor
  2. Bend your knees and place your heels together
  3. Let your knees drop out to your sides
  4. Pull your feet towards your groin
  5. You should feel a stretch in the insides of your thighs
  6. Hold 20 seconds
  7. Repeat 10 times.

It is important to not over stretch the muscle or go beyond the limit of pain.