Are you getting a sore shoulder with pull ups in the gym? This is actually one of the commonest complaints we here from our gym junkies. Especially now that the gyms have reopened and people are rushing to loose their iso pounds. You are rearing to go but this pinching pain or keeps stopping you from getting a great workout? Read on further to find out exactly what’s causing it and what you can do about it.

Causes of a sore shoulder with pull ups

Image of a man doing pull up
  • `Have you double checked your technique or form?

    The single most common cause of sore shoulder while working out remains poor technique. If you are not using the right muscles, you are hurting the joint. This will cause swelling around the muscle attachements or tendons leading to pain.

  • Are you lifting the correct weight?

    This is not only important when you are doing assisted pull ups but also unassisted! Your own body weight can be difficult to lift unless you have gradually strengthened up your shoulders. If you are a beginner, lifting heavy weights will only cause an injury. You must begin at a beginner level and then build weights over time.

  • Progressing too quickly to heavier weights?

    In a hurry to get the bikini body, are you lifting too heavy too soon? This is for all of you fitness freaks who want to become spartans in no time. Take it slow! The slower you build , the longer you’ll be able to maintain it. Slow and steady wins the race.

  • Not including enough stabilization exercises

    This is another common reason for sore shoulder in the gym. If you are not strengthening the stabilizing muscles, you will end up using the wrong muscles. This will in turn affect your joint causing strain. Below is an example of a simple exercise to do to strengthen the stabilizing muscles of your shoulder.

Simple exercise for a sore shoulder

Image of a man doing shoulder exercise with theraband

This exercise works really well to strengthen the stabilizing muscles of your shoulder. And you only need an elastic band! All you do is hold the band with your elbows bent to ninety degrees. Make sure your thumbs are pointing up. Now pull the band apart slowly keeping your elbows close to your body. Make sure that you do not move your elbows away from your body. Next, hold that position for five seconds. Finally bring the arms back slowly. It is important to control the recoil of the band to protect the shoulder joint. This is a great exercise to include in your workout if you have a sore shoulder.

Now remember pain is not normal. So if your sore shoulder is not getting any better, you need to see a Physio. Our Physios will do a complete assessment of your injury. They will check for any rotator cuff injuries. And provide hands on treatment to alleviate pain.  Most importantly our therapists will give you long term solutions. Shoulder exercises to strengthen stabilizing muscles is a very important part of your treatment.