lower back pain is the pain in the smaller area of your back , mostly across the belt line. You can also feel the pain around the tailbone. It can radiate to the buttocks and groin as well. It is an extremely common and debilitating condition. Up to 80% of the population experience it at some point in their life. It has considerable impact on the economy due to time taken off work. According to Pain Australia, chronic pain is a leading cause of disability worldwide and one of the most common reasons for people of working age to drop out of the workforce.

Vast majority of patients will recover within 6 weeks. However, a small number will develop chronic pain. This can be due to lack of knowledge about the benefits of Physiotherapy. This is also due to the human nature of trying to tolerate pain. Patients usually seek treatment when the pain gets out of control. When it starts affecting their day to day activities. By which time, weeks and months may have passed.

image of a person having back pain after lifting

What are the causes ?

  • Poor posture! Prolonged sitting in an office chair, prolonged standing or repetitive lifting at work. Repetitive movements will strain the joints of the back.
  • Direct injury like a car accident or a fall.
  • Wear and tear of the joint cartilage causing arthritis. If it affects the spine, it is called spondylitis.
  • Stress fractures due to bone thinning.
  • Cancer and other internal problems

How can Physiotherapy help?

Our Physios will do a complete assessment to find out exactly where the pain is coming from. Physiotherapy helps in reducing pain and getting people back to their normal lives. The physios literally get movement into the joint space by using manual techniques such as massage and joint mobilization. As a result there is increased blood flow to the area. This reduces swelling around the joints and relieves pain.

Once the pain is under control, the Physios will show exercises to strengthen the core. It is very important to progress with the exercises for long term results.