What do you feel about online physiotherapy? or telehealth as it’s being called these days? I bet some of you may think..”oh! this won’t work for me…I really need someone to work on my back or knee or ankle or neck?”…well, well, well …before you cast it aside, let me show you some ways our physios can treat you online! Using the same principles that we use in room sessions to heal your body!

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Online Physiotherapy is “Active treatment”

It means that you’re not relying on someone else to make changes to your body. You’re invested in your own treatment. You feel more motivated and a greater sense of achievement because you’ve accomplished something yourself! So before you discount online physiotherapy as something that won’t work for you…think again! Research shows that the more involved you are in your treatment , the better results and outcomes you will achieve. You will get to your goal quicker. With online physiotherapy, we’re guiding you every step of the way. You get a better understanding of your condition and how your body will respond. So if you’rea go getter, let’s try a different way of treatment..shall we?

Online Physiotherapy is not just exercises!

Back stretch with foam roller!

This is a common misconception that online physiotherapy is just showing some exercises to do at home which you can easily find on youtube. No,no, no… it’s not just exercises. We show you techniques with a foam roller, spikey ball, bands, even massagers! And trust me you’re going to feel the same amount of pressure ( if not more!) with the techniques we show you. The only difference is that you’re treating it yourself under our guidance! There are buzzilion videos online showing you how to stretch this or how to strengthen that but do they actually guide you step by step and correct you if need be? Oh no ma’am! This is exaxctly our job. To guide you every step of the way until you reach your goal!

Online physiotherapy is in the comfort of your home! Why wouldn’t you do it?

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You don’t have to worry about checking in or sanitising or staying away from people! No stress! You’re in the comfort of your home! You can work at your own pace and you haev your physio to be accountable to. The physios can correct you straight away if you’re going worng so you don’t end up hurting yourself. You will save so much precious time because you don’t have to drive anywhere. Better chances of your sticking to your program I think. Expecially so for mothers, who never have enough time.

So what do you say? Have I convinced you yet?