If you’re looking for a great women’s health physiotherapy near you, your search comes to an end here. Whether you’re a mature aged woman suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction or you’re a new mom who’s developed urinary incontinence post pregnancy, women’s health physiotherapy will help you massively. There’s so much information about how to look after your baby but there’s just not enough information about how to look after yourself. Does this resonate with you? If you’re a first time mom, there’s almost nothing that will prepare you for the changes that are coming your way. From your body changing to your world turning upside down. The baby becomes your sole focus of attention as they should be. But in these sensitive weeks and months post pregnancy, women’s health physiotherapy can help you get control over your body. Physios who are specifically trained in women’s health issues have specific knowledge and experience that can help you on your journey to recovery.

Rule out diastasis in your first appointment of women’s health physiotherapy

Did you know that all pegnant women end up woth diastasis or abdominal separation in their 3rd trimester of pregnancy? However, the muscles slowly start coming together again in the next 4 weeks after child birth. But about 40% of women can end up with an abdominal separation even a year after having their child. In fact a lot of women remain unaware of the diastasis rectu until a GP or a physio diagnoses them after hearing their signs and symptoms! So imagine how much stress you would save yourself from if this was picked up in the first place. This is exactly what our physiotherapist will do in your first women’s health physiotherapy appointment. They will thoroughly assess your lower back and pelvic area to find out if you have diastais recti or pelvic floor weakness . This is really the first step.

Women’s health physiotherapy includes specific pelvic floor strengthening exercises

exercises for women's health physiotherapy

Women’s health physiotherapy is not just all about doing kegels. There are various different exercises that you can do in different positions to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles along with the deep core muscles of your abdominals. Pelvic floor muscles are small but they also form an important part of the “core” that protects the lower back. It acts like a natural brace for the spine. So when there’s tremendous strain on it as in during pregnancy and child birth, these muscles get stretched to their maximum limit. And noone better than a physiotherapist specifically trained in women’s health physiotherapy to give you the strengthening program that’s best for these muscles. For example a simple exercise to make sure you’re squeezzing the right muscles is to think of drawing your belly button towards your spine while lying on your back with knees bent. In order to further feel the muscles work, you can also try squeezing a ball between your knees while squeezing your belly button. This is a simple yet effective exercise.

Women’s health physiotherapy is not just about exercising!!

Physiotherapists who practice women’s health physiotherapy know for sure that just exercises will not help to get the lower back pain under control. A study has says that about 50% of pregnant women will suffer from some kind of low back pain at some point during their pregnancies or during the postpartum period. And we know for sure that pain inhibits the muscles from performing to their optimum level. So it’s very important to get the pain under control first and then progress with exercises slowly. Our women’s health physiotherapy focuses on providing the right hands on treatment like joint mobilizations and muscle tension release to get the pain relief first. We then focus on restricting certain movements that will help with recover. And then ofcourse getting long term results through specific core and pelvic floor muscle strengthening.

So if you or anyone you know have issues that women’s health physiotherapy can resolve, click on the button below to see our physiotherapist.