There are 3 most common mistakes or lower back pain causes that make treatment difficult. Let’s discuss not only things that can cause an initial lower back pain, but mistakes that are often made that may worsen back pain.

1. Thinking “It will  go away on its own”

Sometimes, maybe it will. However, next time it will come back with greater intensity and your recovery will take longer. If it doesn’t recover in a week, it won’t by itself. Getting prompt treatment from  a physiotherapist will reduce your pain and speed up your recovery time. They will also give an exercise program targeted towards strengthening core muscles.  According to Australian Physiotherapy association  Physiotherapists help you recover from injury, reduce pain and stiffness, increase mobility and prevent further injury.

2. Prolonged sitting and driving, most common lower back pain causes.

Your spine can experience 40% more pressure in sitting than standing! Poor posture is a major culprit for back pain as the muscles in your back become weaker and inactive joints and not support the joints well. Driving or any activity where you’re working in front of your body tightens chest muscles and rounds out your shoulders. Not only are you putting your lower back at risk, also your upper back and neck.

sitting posture, work posture, correct posture

3. Have poor technique while exercising, another lower back pain cause.

Poor technique and exercises that cause muscle imbalance can lead to back pain or worsen existing injuries. Crunches for example, whilst they do have their place in improving strength in your core section they are often done with poor technique and to excess leading to compression of your spine. Dead lifts and squats are other common culprits for poor technique and back injury.


4. You aren’t active enough in general

Our bodies love to move! Most people aren’t even achieving the very minimum guidelines of activity which is currently 30 minutes of moderate exercise 5 days per week. Not only does your back health suffer specifically from lack of strength and movement, your general health will decline and weight gain is a realistic possibility. Carrying around more weight than you have to does not help back pain.