There are can be a lot of apprehensions when you’re first chosing your NDIS service providers. Selecting the right provider can seem daunting because you would hope to be with them for years to come . This is to assure you that we have been servicing people on the NDIS scheme since it first rolled out in Logan. We are registered NDIS serice providers and provide Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology and assistive therapeutic devices to people on NDIS. Our therapists can also help you with Hydrotherapy and Gym programs for strengthening and improve flexibility. ( Check out our team here). Whether you’re self managed or have a plan manager, we make it very simple and transparent for you to commence your treatment journey with us. Our therapists are experienced NDIS service providers working within the NDIS guidelines.  Here are the steps we follow to make you comfortable in your journey with us and why you should choose us:

We are a registered NDIS service providers in Browns Plains

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Being a registered NDIS service  providers is no easy feat I must say. We have to have strict policies and procedures in place to ensure that the patients are well protected while working with our therapists. Their rights and responsibilities are looked after when dealing with them. Registered NDIS  service providers have to demonstrate certain skills and capabilities so NDIS can rest assured that the clients are being looked after well. Our policies are up to date and are clearly documented for easy access to our staff and any third party. Our NDIS service providers are up to date with their vaccinations and have a certificate in the COVID 19 infection control training provided by the Department of Health. 

Our NDIS service providers will do the service agreement in your initial session

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In your initial appointment, our therapists will go through a complete assessment of your conditions and how it’s affecting your daily activities. We do have to ask a few questions to know the complete history of your condition. This enables us to provide a treatment plan moving forward and give you a customised treatment in the session. Our registered NDIS service providers will then discuss your treatment plan with you and the kind of treatment we will provide followed by the number of sessions required. This is of course decided in consultation with you and keeping your budget in mind. Don’t worry we won’t charge you any extra than what’s needed to support your health. All this is then documented in the service agreement where both the therapist and you will sign the document and you keep a copy of the service agreement. You will have a designated NDIS service providers with you throughout your journey so you can develop a rapoort with them.

You have the same NDIS service provider in every session

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Unlike other clincis where you may see a new NDIS service providers each time, we make sure that you have an allocated therapist in our clinic. Your therapist will be with you thorughout your journey to support you. Our current NDIS clients have been seeing the same therapist for years now because they have developed a rapport with them. The therapist understands their condition in and out and is able to plan a progression to the treatment plan. Of coure there are occasions where the circumstances cannot be avoided like sickness or leave but we make sure that your therapist does a complete hand over to the other NDIS service providers on the team so your transition is seamless until your main therapist returns. So you don’t have to worry about repeating what you’ve said before for the new therapist. They will start where your therapist has left off.

So if you’re looking for NDIS service providers in Browns Plains who will not only deliver quality service to you but are also tranparent and honest, then click on the button below to get started with us now!