Chronic low back pain is one of the commonest conditions we, physios treat. Yet, there’s so much misinformation about the treatment. Is it a bulging disc, is it sciatica or is it a joint strain? Will it ever heal? Another common question that our patients ask us. Now rarely do patients come to us when they first injure their back. Unless it’s very severe of course. But usually it’s months or even years sometimes that people nurse their sore backs for! So the short answer is yes! The low back pain can heal! However, like all good things, it takes time. And , there a few steps to follow. Here are some things that will help you on your journey to recovery.

image of a man with chronic low back pain

1. Don’t wait for weeks or months to see a physio for chronic low back pain!

image of a woman getting a back massage

Physiotherapy is really the first point of call to get rid of chronic low back pain. Yet, so many people are unaware of what physios actually do! Our physios at Get Better Physiotherapy, Browns Plains, are skilled at knowing the root cause of your pain. We then use different manual therapy techniques to relieve your pain. OK, now are not miracle workers here. Things do take time . But hey, gradual changes also last long. It’s not all about showing you exercises only. We are actually trying to make changes to your joints and muscles using our hands! and that of course takes time.

2.Follow the advice of your physio to get rid of chronic low back pain for good!

image of a man instructing a woman

This is a tough one. You may think ” why do I need to see this physio so many times?”. I hear you. Look like I mentioned before the changes are long lasting but slow at first. It’s just how our bodies heal. We give you so much information in the first session but it takes time to digest all of that. In addition to this, you may forget half of what the physio adviced you against by your second visit. Hence, it’s important to drill certain things in and also work on your injury to achieve a add on effect. Meaning you will keep feeling better with every session. But if you leave your next session for too long, it’s back to square one! This is one of the reasons the chronic low back pain can go on for years too.

3. Don’t just think about exercise when you have chronic low back pain!

You knew this was coming right? Strengthening exercises certainly help you to keep the pain away. So it is a preventative measure for chronic low back pain. Especially so if you are in a repetitive job. Be it sitting or lifting. So many people only think of exercising only when they are recovering but forget after that. What’s that saying again? “If you don’t use it , you lose it”

4.Think about prevention rather than cure!

Simply means that you continue to lift correctly or sit correctly and keep moving whether you have chronic low back pain or not. This will ensure that you are stressing the structures in your low back continuously. Follow the do’s and dont’s even when you are not in pain. Pay attention to your posture. Your physiotherapist will certainly guide you about this.