Foam rolling! Lower back pain stretches with a foam roller!

Check out this video for great lower back pain stretches. Does your back feel stiff after a gym workout? Or what about after driving for long or getting out of bed firs thing in the morning? Well, if these are all your complaints, you must read on. You may have seen a foam roller lying around in your gym. It’s those cylindrical blue things that are quite firm. They are great to do lower back pain stretches with. All you need to do is lie on it and use your body weight to pressure point your lower back. Make sure to bend your knees and hips and push through the feet. You can roll all the way up your spine! Now you may hear a few clicks and cracks. But worry not, it’ll only loosen up your lower back even more. Be warned though, if the pain gets worse or aggravated , you must stop the exercise immediately. It means that your lower back is hurt and you need treatment to fix it. Remember , pain is not normal. If an injury has to heal, it will heal within a week. If it doesn’t, it’s not going to heal by itself. You’ll need some professional help. That’s where Physios come in! Yes, every 5th person in Australia suffers from lower back pain. According to Australian Physiotherapy association, Physiotherapists help you recover from injury, reduce pain and stiffness, increase mobility and prevent further injury