Are you looking for registered NDIS providers in browns plains to help you ? Then your search comes to an end here. We provide a range of services to assist you in making you independent with your daily tasks and activities. Whether you want to get help with strengthening your muscles and mobility so you can be more independent outdoors. Or if you’re looking for some assistive devices and need help with getting assessment, then we are here to help. Working with patients on NDIS since it’s roll out in 2016-17 has defintiely made us more aware of the intricacies involved in managing a client and assisting them with the review process for further funding each year. Listed below are some of the services that our NDIS providers are able to assist you with .

NDIS providers in browns plains

NDIS providers for Physiotherapy

If you’ve been suffering from chronic pain for a long time and need help with improving your joint mobility or just maintaining function, we are here to help. Our Physiotherapists are registered NDIS providers who are experts in treating chronic pain. They use a range of manual therapy techniques to increase joint movement. They also employ muscle tension release techniques like trigger point therapy and deep tissue massage to get deep into tight muscles to release them. Chronic pain can be quite debilitating and not having hands on therapy can impact your recovery. Our NDIS providers firmly believe in manual therapy to improve joint function and provide pain relief. It’s so important to have short term pain relief to then progress to strengthening for long term results.

NDIS provider for gym strengthening and hydrotherapy programs

hydrotherapy with NDIS providers

Our NDIS providers understand that for you to be independent in the community or even with your daily tasks, you may need specific strengthening exercise programs to strengthen your muscles. Whether you like to do it in a gym or even at a pool, our NDIS providers are experienced in developing treatment plans specific to your needs. With the gym being right next door to our clinic, it becomes very handy. We

NDIS providers are experienced with Reformer Pilates and run classes too

Reformer Pilates is a low intensity full body workout that focuses on building up strength in the core and pelvic floor muscles. It’s a great for chronic pain because the movements are slow and controlled. The spring mechanism of the machine supports the body weight. Our NDIS providers are experienced in delivering a customised program for your specific needs. It is also suitable if you have other chronic medical conditions that fatigue you. Because Reformer Pilates is slow and controlled , it will not exhaust you but help to build up endurance to combat the fatigue.

So if you or anyone you know needs help finding high qualit NDIS providers in Browns Plains ,please do not hesitate to click the button below to contact us. We would be more than happy to help out.